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About The Artist

Federico's Hair Salon & Spa

Jessica Morfea is a fine Artist, raised on the outskirts of New York City in an Italian-American household. Immersing herself in nature and regularly taking trips to Manhattan, she learned the beauty of botanical subjects and the fluctuating trends of the art world. Jessica graduated from the School of Visual Arts with a BFA in Illustration. Her artwork explores the boundaries between illustration and classic painting by utilizing traditional style elements mixed with abstract elements and compositions. Jessica shows the delicate complexities of flowers whereas most people only observe flowers from afar Her technique of color and dimension exemplifies the most minute details, which showcase flowers in a way that are often overlooked. Her passion is using materials like oil to expand the minds of viewers’ perspective and bringing the paintings to life. She invites you to be one with nature by immersing yourself in her artwork. 

 Exhibited @Federico Hair Salon & Spa.



-The School of Visual Arts in their theme-based exhibition titled “Crime & Punishment”

-Couture fashion week at the Crowne Plaza; New York, NY.

- 10536 Art Gallery; Katonah , NY.

-Federico Hair Salon & Spa; New York, NY.

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